nspired by The life, teachings and liberating love of Jesus who came to give life to all in its fullness, and his call to spread the Good News of love, peace, justice and fraternity to all nations, and

The example of our Founders,
Fr. Theodosius and mother Mary Theresa Scherer, in their

  • unbounded faith and trust in the Divine Providence
  • farsightedness
  • innovative and creative approach to education
  • unfailing courage to take risks
  • preferential love for the poor and the underprivileged
  • ability to reach out to all sections of society, and

their directions

  • “The need of the time is the will of God”.
  • “Do what lies in your power day after day”.
  • “Discover the grain of gold that lies hidden in every person’s heart”.
  • “Not to get weary of seeking new ways to people”.
  • “Be concerned that your students learn to relate to God, to do His will”.
    “To influence the development of the given physical and intellectual gifts of a child in such a way, that his/her whole life will become an image of the life of Christ”., and

Our traditions

  • Perseverance in adverse situations
  • Diverse approach to education
  • activity based teaching and skill training
  • love for creation and responsible for its preservation.

and Challenged by

  • the social evils such as; poverty, illiteracy, corruption, child labor, early marriage, alcoholism, drug, addiction, sex exploitation, casteism, crime, growing disparity between the poor and the rich, broken families, deplorable state of many schools, destruction of environment…
  • Marginalized groups such as; dalits, tribals, women, orphans, physically and mentally challenged and slow learners…
  • Decline in moral values, materialism, consumerism, malpractice in examination, unhealthy competitions…
  • Political interference and pressures, frequent changes of government rules and regulations, harassment of minorities, communalism, religious fundamentalism…
  • Globalization, commercialization of education, tuition/coaching culture, unemployment and under-paid employment…
  • Negative influence of Mass media: TV, Internet, pornographic films books, magazines…