Principal’s Desk

Learning  at  an  early  age  occurs  mainly  at  subconscious  levels. The right  balance  between  head  and  heart  will  lead  to  an  efficient  learning  process.Young learners  have  their own learning strategies.  Some will be  visual:  these pupils appear to remember words which they have seen. Others are  auditory:  pupils remember words they  have  heard. And  there are  pupils  who  remember words that have been  linked  to  movement:  they are kinaesthetic. Once  we  have  got  to  know  the  personal  preferences of  our  pupils, we can  give  them  personal  attention  according  to  their  special  needs. In  practice, these  three  preferences  often  appear  to  be  mixed  in  a  pupil’s learning strategy.