We, the Holy Cross Sisters in India have the following educational aims:Preferential attention to the under privileged such as girls, tribals, dalits, physically and mentally challenged is ensured at all levels.

    • students
    • become individuals with sound spiritual and moral values
    • develop and strengthen their intellectual, emotional, physical and artistic abilities
    • are able to think, reflect, assess and verbalize
    • become self-reliant and independent to face life’s challenges
    • are conscientised on social issues with a sense of their role in forming a just society
    • respect different religious and cultures
    • love nature and strive for its preservation.

In order to achieve the above aims the following means are recommended for all our educational Institutions:

  1. Have a Compassionate Leader
    • committed to implement this Mission Statement together with the staff and the students
    • fosters effective leadership in the school community, staffs, students and parents
    • builds up team spirit in the Institution
    • Networks with Holy Cross and other neighboring schools.
  2. Revision of Policies
    1. Ensure that decisions on appointments, terminations, admissions, promotions, and fee concessions, be done by a local committee.
    2. Specify the roles of Manager/Secretary/ Principal/Vice Principal/ Supervisor/ Account.
    3. Have clear policies regarding admissions of the underprivileged and their care in our schools.
  3. Staff
    1. Accepts our Mission Statement and Implements it.
    2. Ensures the use of more creative teaching-learning methods-activity based, Cooperative Learning, Joyful Burdenless Learning, Group study etc.
    3. Accompany students in their learning process.
  4. Core Team
    1. Setting up of Core Team in each province and specify their jobs.
  5. Follow up and Evaluation
    1. Plans are prepared at school/ province/ National levels.

Characteristics and Attitudes of a Prabhat Tara Student

  1. Intellectual Development
    1. Ask questions to know why and how of things around them.
    2. Develop study skills.
    3. Develop a scientific attitude, is analytical, arrives at conclusion based on objective data and is committed to truth.
  2. Personal Character
    1. Is free, spontaneous and joyful.
    2. Has learned to share one’s knowledge, skills and time with others who need them.
    3. Is hard working and persevering has developed the inner strength to face tough and unforeseen situations of life.
  3. Social Sensitivity and Culture
    1. Has learned to play and work cooperatively in a group.
    2. Is friendly not only to one’s own classmates but also to others, is a friend of animals, birds, trees and the environment.
    3. Shows compassion to those at the margins of society. Contributes to build a school community healed of all divisions based on caste, religion, language, culture, sex or religion. Treats all as one’s equal or as brothers and sisters.
  4. Spiritual Orientation
    1. Prays to a loving God in trust.
    2. Prays for one’s own needs and for the larger needs of the region, country and the world.
    3. Is hopeful and optimistic. Trusts others, believes in God’s love and providence.
  5. Health and Body Care
    1. Acquires habits of personal cleanliness.
    2. Keeps environment clean, develops, good food habits, is physically fit.
    3. Has learned to relax, to let go, has acquired knowledge of preventive measures and practices them.