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Principal’s Desk

                 You are Unique and special. There was once a stonecutter who was fed up with the wearying job of chiseling away at the mountain under the scorching sun.

                  “This is exhausting work” the stonecutter said to himself “How I’d love to be the sun” It so happened that his call was miraculously answered and he turned into the sun.

Pleased he began shining down his rays, but soon noticed they were bouncing off the clouds. “What good is it to be the sun if the cloud can stop my rays”? he exclaimed.

And he become a cloud, flew over the world rained down on it but ended up being scattered by the wind. “Oh, so the wind can scatter the clouds. It must be the strongest element. I want to be wind”. And he become wind. He galed and stormed. But one day a mountain blocked his path.

“What good is it to be wind if a mountain can stop me’? So he became mountain. And soon he felt something hammering away at him something strong carving its way out of him. It was a stone cutter.

No matter who you are or what you are. You are the most important person for yourself. You are unique, special. You have a place of you own in the world which nobody else can fill. You have a mission which nobody else can fulfill.

No matter what you life is, or what you work. If you love it, it becomes beautiful. You may at times want to step in to somebody else’s shoes. It better to be yourself than to try all the time to be somebody else.

You may sometimes think that those who are powerful wealthy or beautiful have a better life, a life full of brightness and joy. Not so. It is not comfort or plenty that makes you really happy in life, but being enthusiastic about the life that is yours. The simpler the life the greater the joy. What makes your life, is loving what you have and who your are.

Sr. Molly
Prabhat Tara Montessori Section